Decorative Works

Decorative works

The versatility and durability of concrete makes it a popular option for many different purposes. It can be poured into virtually any shape and can be textured and coloured to create a design or achieve the look of almost any other material.

Our skilled team can provide a range of decorative options to achieve the look you want, no matter how complex and intricate.
Tuffcrete provides the following services:
  • Stamped – Concrete can be stamped with texture to imitate the look of almost any material, including timber, stone, tile and marble. The texture can be combined with colouring for an even more authentic appearance, or left alone for a textural look with the colour of natural concrete. This process is especially popular for patio surfaces, as well as for interior applications.
  • Colouring – Concrete can be dyed virtually any colour. Pigments can be added during the mixing process, while the cement is still wet, or it can be sanded and stained after the concrete has hardened for a completely different look. With either method we can achieve the texture and colour to suit your concept and style.
  • Exposed aggregate – This type of concrete has a natural texturing in which small pieces of stone, shell, and other materials are visible in the hardened and dried concrete. The look creates visual interest with a more natural and earthy appearance than other methods and is often used in retaining walls, pathways and other exterior constructions.
If you would like to see all the decorative concrete options we have to offer, get in touch with our expert team in Coffs Harbour today. We’re happy to answer your questions, show you examples of our work and provide you with a free quote on your job.